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Despite being only a 20-minute drive away, I’d actually never properly visited Garstang until a couple of months ago. I went one Sunday around Christmas time with my mum and my wife just for a bit of a wander and some shopping, but it was a ghost town. All the shops are closed on a Sunday and the streets are deserted. Although it wasn't great for what we went for, it did make me think it would be great for painting: lots of little shops, some with covered facades that I could stand under if it rains, and a olde worlde feel to it, especially on the high street. I went back there today (Sunday) and made a painting, standing under the front of Farrell Heyworth estate agents. It’s a great little spot to paint from, sheltered from the elements. I spent a couple of hours there before it got too dark. Another one to finish off in the studio…

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