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Early worm gets eaten by the bird

I rocked up in the city centre just after 6am thinking I’d have at least an hour before it started to get busy. I found a spot that backed on to a building site with a good view down Lancaster Rd with the Town Hall in the distance. I didn’t think that through very well. The building site sprang into life almost as soon as I started painting. I had a constant stream of workmen going back and forth past me on the pavement. They were all very friendly and complimentary, I must say. Then it started to get really busy. Huge trucks started to pull up right next to me, dropping off supplies to the site, with the drivers understandably giving me dirty looks for taking up half of the already narrow pavement. The workmen reassured me I could stay and carry on painting and seemed to work around me, which I thought was nice of them as they could have easily told me to piss off. I felt like I’d outstayed my welcome though and so I packed up quickly and got out of there, with a few nods and a thank you to the lads for their hospitality.

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